Mercy for Mamas

Memories in Mubende


Memories in Mubende

8th of August 2013

One of the most memorable times during our recent trip to Uganda was our time in Mubende.  Mubende is the home district for my precious friend Harriet. Me and Harriet at our friend Brian’s wedding in 2010. Harriet has played an integral part in Mercy for Mamas since the beginning. She helped me keep my […]

Get Involved  

2nd of July 2013

We need your help!  As always, the success of this organization depends on your help.  We need you to spread the word about the need.  Here are a few things you can do to help… 1)  Host a Mercy for Mamas event.  This could be your church, moms’ group, women’s ministry, senior citizen dinner, or even […]

Note of Thanks

26th of June 2013

I recently received this note of thanks from a pastor in Kenya.  He received a mama kit for his wife from the nurses at Uganda Baptist Seminary in Jinja. “I thank God for UBS (Uganda Baptist Seminary). Through UBS God has blessed me so much in different areas.  I love children’s ministry very much. My […]

Sneak Peak…

24th of June 2013

I apologize for not posting more updates or stories from our recent trip to Uganda.  I promise they are coming.  I got home from Uganda and then turned around and left again for a few days.  So, I’m trying to get life back on track this week in the midst of the summer craziness. I […]

That’s a Wrap…

12th of June 2013

Our last day of ministry here is complete.  In 8 days we passed out 1500 mama kits to women all over Uganda.  We have waiting lists at several places for more kits.  Thank God and thanks to all of you, I have enough money to buy more kits as soon as they become available.  So […]

On the move…

9th of June 2013

Wow, it’s been a busy three days.  Friday we got to take a fairly quick tour of The Suubi Project.  They run an orphanage, school, church and medical clinic in a village outside Kampala.  It’s neat to see all of the progress that’s happened there since my last visit two years ago.  We got to […]

Trip Update

9th of June 2013

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support.  We are having a great trip so far.  Our travel here was not like we planned.  We had lots of delays and we ended up arriving in three shifts, but everyone kept a good attitude and stayed flexible, so it all worked out. Wednesday […]

It’s Time…

2nd of June 2013

In just a few hours the 2013 Mercy for Mamas team will begin the long trip to Uganda.  I can’t wait to get my feet back on Ugandan soil.  I long to hear Ugandan voices, see their beautiful smiles, hug my dear friends, and eat some yummy food.  I’m anxious for us to get to […]

A Couple of Updates…

19th of May 2013

First off a huge thank you to everyone who supported us through our Mother’s Day campaign.  I love that I do not personally know so many of the people who shopped and donated.  It’s amazing to me how word spreads about this work.  I’ve learned a long time ago to not try to figure out how […]

The Need

6th of May 2013

In one month my team heads back to Uganda.  Aaahhh!!  It will be here before we know it and we have a lot to do to get ready! I’m taking 13 people with me with all sorts of skills and abilities.  I can’t wait to see how God is going to use this group. We have a jam-packed schedule, and […]