Mercy for Mamas

The Need

How many women die each year giving birth in Uganda?

  • On average more than 20 women die every day from pregnancy complications. (see)
  • According to UNICEF, 438 women of every 100,000 die from pregnancy or birth complications. That is 33 times the rate in the United States. In a woman’s lifetime, 1 in every 49 will die from a pregnancy/birth complication. And these statistics are estimated to be very low because so many births and deaths do not go reported in Uganda.

How many women have a skilled professional (nurse, trained midwife, doctor) assisting with their birth?

  • Only 41% of women give birth with any medical help.
Newborn delivered with a kit donated to the crisis pregnancy center

Read here about two women that died recently from birth complications.  Sylvia’s husband says they could not afford the mama kit the hospital requested, which led to his wife’s death.