Mercy for Mamas

On the move…

Wow, it’s been a busy three days.  Friday we got to take a fairly quick tour of The Suubi Project.  They run an orphanage, school, church and medical clinic in a village outside Kampala.  It’s neat to see all of the progress that’s happened there since my last visit two years ago.  We got to visit the children in the classes and see some songs with them.  They also have a small clinic for the school and then people from the village come by it as well.  We were able to load them up with some medical supplies and also mama kits.  I know women in this area will definitely be blessed by these kits.

After that we went to so SOS ministries (Sufficiency of Scripture).  This was my first time to visit this ministry, so I did not know what to expect, but I was so blessed by them and the work they do. We held an outreach clinic for women in the area and surrounding villages.  About 200 women attended, with some of them walking very far to get there.

The sound system at the church was not working and so it became difficult to hear.  The great people on my team quickly jumped up and took most of the children outside, so that the mamas could better concentrate.  It was such a blessing that my team could babysit and give these mamas an opportunity to learn.  And the team loved getting to play with the little ones.

The women listened very attentively to the prenatal education seminar.  They asked lots of great questions.  We also shared the gospel with them and we were able to pray over all of them.  Afterwards we presented mama kits to all of the pregnant women and invited them to get a prenatal check from our nurses.

Friday evening we stayed in the home of the SOS missionaries.  They were such wonderful hosts!  We had a great time visiting with them, learning about their work, and encouraging them and praying for them.

Saturday, we talked through the village surrounding SOS and learned more about all that they do. I was very impressed with this ministry and the way they operate.

Then we made the long trek to Jinja battling two different construction zones.  But the long ride was worth it when we got to enjoy a lovely dinner overlooking the Nile River.  We are truly suffering for the Lord. ha!!

Today (Sunday) we attended church with the children from Redeemer House Orphanage, then we treated the kids to lunch back at their place.  We had sodas and rolex (a chapatti rolled up with eggs, cabbage, and tomato).  Yum!  We played with the kids and had a nice visit with some of my favorite kiddos in Uganda.

This afternoon we went for a quick boat tour of the Source of the Nile River.  Then we rushed back to get ready for our Missionary Encouragement Dinner.  I think the dinner was a huge success.  I love getting to visit with the women and hear about all of the amazing work they are doing.  I know the night was a big blessing to me and many of the women commented on how much they needed and appreciated the night.  I also made some great future contacts to use mama kits.  I’m excited to see where God takes us in the next year.

Thanks again for your continued love and support!

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