Mercy for Mamas

Trip Update

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support.  We are having a great trip so far.  Our travel here was not like we planned.  We had lots of delays and we ended up arriving in three shifts, but everyone kept a good attitude and stayed flexible, so it all worked out.

Wednesday we visited three crisis pregnancy center.  We did some prenatal education with them.  We also did a session on diet and nutrition.  We had devotional time with them, and we got to pray with each girl.  We also had some great question and answer time with some of the women on single parenting, delivery, diet, and lots of other interesting things.

Thursday we visited a village about an hour outside of the capital.  We were told to expect about 100 women.  I knew to overestimate, so we brought about 150 mama kits.  We had more than 200 women show up.  It always amazes me, how many pregnant women can live in one small area.  These women were all different ages and faiths, but we joined together for a great time of teaching.  I can’t wait for you to see the pictures of how many pregnant women we had crammed in this tiny church building.  Again, they seemed to really appreciate the teaching and learn from it.  One of my favorite times was when Jenny our massage therapist taught us all a new technique to help with digestion.  We had all of them up and practicing it.  It was so fun to watch.

After the teaching time with them we passed out mama kits, and of course we ran out of them.  We were able to write down all of their names and we promised to send someone with the rest of the kits on Monday.  We ate lunch with the women and then a couple of the medical people with us on the trip, did some basic exams and checks on those most in need.  Thankfully everyone seemed in pretty good shape, just dehydrated.  We used the dopplers on them and it thrilled my heart each time we heard that precious little heart beat.  We set up our makeshift “clinic” on our bus.  Not ideal, but it worked.

Last night we hosted our first missionary encouragement dinner.  We had about 60 ladies show up.  They were from all over the area and so many different ministries.  We ate a wonderful meal, had a time of worship, I share about Mercy for Mamas, and then we broke off into groups to share and pray with one another.  The women all seemed to have such a great time and repeatedly told me how much nights like these are needed.  I even had one of the missionaries mother’s (that I know) send me a message last night in tears and thanking me for ministering to her daughter.  So sweet!

Today (Friday) we are off to visit two villages to do more outreach clinics.  Pray for God to give us the right words to say and for God to use us to minister to these women in a special way today.

I promise to try to upload some pictures today or tomorrow.

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