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What if…


What if…

3rd of May 2013

 what if a simple gift could help to prevent a child from becoming an orphan? what if this gift could save the life of a precious mother? what if this gift could encourage women to seek medical treatment who otherwise would not? what if this gift could prevent infection? what if this gift could give a woman hope? what if this gift was a […]

Mama Kits At Work

22nd of April 2013

I got a lovely update from a woman who works with Uganda Baptist Seminary in Jinja this weekend.  She reports that they host about 100 pastors each month for classes.  She’s been passing out about 10-15 mama kits each month. “The students are SO THANKFUL for this gift that you provide that helps their wives […]

Honor your Mother

16th of April 2013

Nearly four years ago, a beautiful Ugandan woman gave birth to a baby girl.  What should have been a moment of joy, quickly turned into a moment of sorrow for this family as this brave, strong mother  lost her life.  I know this woman was beautiful, strong, and brave because I see a bit of her every […]

Challenge to Churches

11th of April 2013

Many churches give a small token gift to all of the mothers in the congregation for Mother’s Day.  But what if instead of a small gift for you your church decided to give a gift of hope to mothers in Uganda?  Last year several churches decided to do just that. From Pastor Nathan Gunter of […]

More Mama Kits at Work

26th of February 2013

The women of Pearl Haven Christian Centre in Mbale recently passed out mama kits in Dokolo Village in Northern Uganda.  They spent a day ministering to people who had come from all the neighboring villages at a local church. I love that I gave the church the kits months ago, but they saved them so they […]

A Note of Appreciation

25th of February 2013

As I work today on the plans for my next trip to Uganda, I received this note via email.  It blesses my heart to hear the impact of mama kits in this one community.  This is the motivation I meed to do this work. “This email serves to convey the appreciation from the mothers and […]

Just a little FYI…

24th of January 2013

Just in case some of you have been trying to reach me via Facebook (which is how I communicate with most of you!) my account is frozen until who knows when.  It is beyond frustrating. I know it is totally a first-world problem, but it is annoying and keeping me from information and work that […]

On the Horizon…

18th of January 2013

I am doing what most everyone does at the beginning of the year.  I’m reflecting at all God has done in the past year and looking forward to this coming one.  It’s always amazing to me to look back on a year and think of all of the things God accomplished and how many of […]

From the Frontlines

17th of January 2013

Here is another great story of the mama kits in action.  This is from a rural health clinic operating with virtually no supplies.  This is their report of the first mama kit they used. “Harriet, age 20, having given birth to her first born: a baby boy, 2.8kgs. (6.1 pounds)Thank God: -for protecting her through the process of […]


15th of January 2013

The Mercy for Mamas shop is restocked! Be sure to check us out the next time you need a gift for one of the women in your life. I love the idea of getting a unique and beautiful handmade gift and knowing that gift helped give one lady a job and also helped save the […]