Mercy for Mamas

It’s Time…

In just a few hours the 2013 Mercy for Mamas team will begin the long trip to Uganda.  I can’t wait to get my feet back on Ugandan soil.  I long to hear Ugandan voices, see their beautiful smiles, hug my dear friends, and eat some yummy food.  I’m anxious for us to get to work and I’m curious just what exactly God is going to do through this team.
Our needs have been provided for every step of the way.  I once again must offer a huge word of thanks to everyone who has given to the cause.  Each goody bag item you bought, mama kit your purchased, and donation you provided makes a difference.
Although you may not be traveling with us, you are a part of this work.  I encourage you to follow along with our trip and to pray for us along the way. I’ll be posting on here as much as time allows.  But your best bet may be to follow us on Facebook, so if you have not “liked” our page yet, please do so.  The link is here It is often much easier for me to post a snippet here or there on Facebook than to write out a blog.
Pray for smooth travels, for us to stay healthy, and most importantly that we’ll be obedient along the way with whatever situations and conversations come our way.  Pray for us to show Jesus to all that we meet and for His love to come through in each mama kit we pass out and with every smile and hug that we share.  Pray for us to be an encouragement to other believers and to bring refreshment to those serving full-time in Uganda.
I can’t wait to share with you the many stories we will make once we return. Now, it is TIME TO GO!

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