Mercy for Mamas

Sneak Peak…

I apologize for not posting more updates or stories from our recent trip to Uganda.  I promise they are coming.  I got home from Uganda and then turned around and left again for a few days.  So, I’m trying to get life back on track this week in the midst of the summer craziness.

I did want to give you a sneak peak at some of the photos from the trip.  These are from our Mercy for Mamas Facebook page.  If you haven’t “liked” the page yet, make sure to do that so you can stay up to date that way too.

A few stats from the latest trip… we visited four crisis pregnancy centers, two orphanages, one medical clinic, and hosted two dinners for missionary women and four community outreach events.  We ministered to approximately 2000 women and we passed out more than 1500 mama kits. We even were featured on Ugandan TV (or so I am told, I didn’t see it).  We prayed with many, many women, we did some basic medical checkups on those most in need, we loved on lots of babies and children, and partnered with missionaries and ministries doing the hard work in Uganda each and every day.  We shared information on prenatal care, breastfeeding, nutrition, and even massage.

And good news… I ordered 1,000 more mama kits last week and they should be delivered later this week.  We ran out of kits during several of our events.  We were not prepared for SO many pregnant women to attend.  It was a great problem to have and I am excited that we can now get the rest of the needed mama kits in their hands.

I’m already getting stories from the frontlines of the mama kits in action.  I can’t wait to share these stories and many of the other stories from the trip.

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