Mercy for Mamas

A Couple of Updates…

First off a huge thank you to everyone who supported us through our Mother’s Day campaign.  I love that I do not personally know so many of the people who shopped and donated.  It’s amazing to me how word spreads about this work.  I’ve learned a long time ago to not try to figure out how God is going to meet certain needs.  Instead, I need to sit back and enjoy watching God work.

And despite my last statement, I’m not going to lie.. I was a bit worried about paying for the mama kits.  For a few days I kept trying to come up with schemes to raise more money.  Finally I told myself that I needed to rest in the work that had been done and let God provide.  My mantra became, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”~Philippians 4:6

And God provided abundantly, which should never surprise me, but still humbles me.  I have enough money to pay for the kits we already purchased, and I’ll have enough waiting to place another order as soon as more mama kits are available.

To each of you that donated, bought jewelry and t-shirts, shared with your church, shared on Facebook or with your friends, I say thank you on behalf of the hundreds of women you are helping.  Every dollar truly matters and makes a difference.

I got this sweet testimony this week from a missionary serving in Jinja.

“Today I gave out 5 kits to students at Uganda Baptist Seminary. Later in the afternoon one of our graduates who also serves as an adjunct faculty member came into my clinic.  He lives in northern Uganda.  A couple of weeks ago a 3 yr old orphan who lives with his family played with matches in his house while he and his wife were out working in the field.  The child set a mosquito net on fire which then destroyed his entire house and all that they owned—clothing, mattresses, food stores, furniture, all of his theological books, etc…. No one was injured.

When we told a pastor in the states who has been here to teach several times over the years about what had happened, he sent us money from another pastor in the states to help this Ugandan pastor/teacher.  I gave the money to him today to help him replace some of his property.

The last time he came here to teach, I had given him a Mama Kit since his fourth child is due soon.  Today he said that the Mama Kit had burned along with everything else.  So I was able to give him another Mama Kit to take home to his wife.  He was thankful to have another kit to help his wife have a safe delivery.  (They have 3 living children and had one that died several years ago.)

Thanks so much for providing Mama Kits for the wives of our pastors and church leaders at Uganda Baptist Seminary!!  Each time I give out a kit I tell them that the ladies in the US who donated the kits are praying for their wives to have safe deliveries and healthy babies!”

We still could use a few more donations toward our outreach projects during our trip.  We’ll be feeding hundreds of women and children nearly every day.  We also may still be looking for a laptop.  If you’d like to donate towards these projects please email me

If you are interested, we still have t-shirts available.  I have Adult Smalls-adult XXL, but quantities are limited so order soon!  Shirts are $17 (+3 shipping).

We also still have jewelry available.  These would make end of the year teacher gifts or baby shower presents for an expectant mama!  Check out the “shop” tab above.

Again, thank you so much for supporting this work.  I could not do it without your love and support.  And I look forward to telling you many success stories in the days ahead!

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