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Mother’s Day Gifts


Mother’s Day Gifts

17th of April 2015

Mother’s Day is one of the best times of year for Mercy for Mamas. What better time of year to give to help mothers in Uganda, then this time we set aside to honor our mothers and the special women in our lives. This year for Mother’s Day, Mercy for Mamas is excited to partner […]

Expanding our Work

14th of March 2015

I am so excited to get to visit some of our new partners in ministry during my upcoming Uganda trip! (I’ll be there for about a month for our adoption). One of our new partners is Life Center Ministries Africa, which operates a hospital and nutrition program in a remote area of Eastern Uganda. The missionaries […]

Creative Ways to Help

6th of March 2015

Some days I get overwhelmed with the needs of the women in Uganda and my limited resources, time and abilities. I am thankful I serve a limitless God who faithfully funds the work that He favors. It seems there have been many times in the past year when I have been overwhelmed, and then that […]

A Year of Blessings

31st of December 2014

On this last day of 2014, it seems only fitting to look back on all of the work God has done. It has certainly been a year filled with many blessings.  Through your contributions, we’ve been able to supply more than 6,800 mama kits to women in Uganda this year. We expanded our efforts into […]

Fruit of our Work

24th of November 2014

I wanted you to see a few of the faces that your donations have helped the last few months. We’ve been able to pass out about 1,500 more kits since July.  Your donation dollars have been hard at work helping mamas and babies all across Uganda. We’ve been able to start working with some new […]

The Trip

10th of July 2014

I once again must apologize for my lack of keeping up with this website.  If it’s any consolation, I often think of what I would write while I’m driving in my car. If I could find a way to voice-text some blog posts to you all I totally would, but I can barely voice-text my […]


23rd of May 2014

I have some great news.  We have exceeded our fundraising goal and the money keeps coming in!  We have raised enough money for more than 3,700 mama kits!  I have purchased 2,700 so far.  We can’t buy more until we use up the ones we have because of storage issues. What a great problem to […]

Happy Mother’s Day!

11th of May 2014

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mamas out there! I am so excited that we are going to be able to bless so many mamas in Uganda this summer because of your generous support.  I truly am blown away by God’s provision.  I’m anxious to give you all a total and to let you […]

Mother’s Day Shopping in a Flash!

8th of May 2014

It’s not too late to make a donation to Mercy for Mamas in honor of the special women in your life. All money goes directly toward the purchase and distribution of mama kits. Each mama kit costs $7 and gives a woman the life-saving supplies she needs to deliver her baby safely.   After you […]

Mother’s Day Downloads

22nd of April 2014

In a follow up to our Challenge to Churches 2014, I’m including info here to download to help your church feature Mercy for Mamas this Mother’s Day. We’ve made a bulletin insert that you can download here. We have two types of donation cards for you.  The first one is to pass out to mothers if your […]