Our Goal

Mercy for Mamas believes that every woman deserves the right to safe, clean childbirth. Our goal is to help women get the care they the need so they can survive childbirth and thrive as mothers. We also want all of our work to reflect the hope and love that we have in Jesus Christ and point women to a relationship with Him.

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Simple Solutions

The Need

The Need: 1 in every 49 Ugandan women will die from birth or pregnancy complications, which is almost 20 women dying every day. The maternal mortality rate in Uganda is 40x’s higher than the rate in the US. The most staggering thing from those numbers is that the majority of those deaths could easily be […]

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What we do

Our approach is simple. Provide women with the proper supplies needed to give birth. In Uganda, a woman must bring all of the supplies needed for the birth with her to the hospital. Many women do not get the care they need during labor because they cannot afford these supplies. We pass out bundles with […]

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What is a Mama Kit?

What is a mama kit? A Mama Kits is an all-in-one kits that contains everything needed to help provide a clean and safe delivery.  In order to give birth in most hospitals or clinics in Uganda, you must purchase all of the necessary supplies and bring them with you.  If you do not have the supplies […]

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The Latest Updates on our Work


Mercy for Mamas Gear!

Order your Mercy for Mamas shirts now, just click here or on the image below. We are taking orders until the 22nd. Check out these super comfy shirts. We’ve also included a long sleeve tee option this time. Grab a cute tee and help us spread the word about what we do.

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Meet the Mamas: Annette

Meet the Mamas is a feature on our blog where we introduce you to some of the women we serve. Our goal is for you to hear their stories, see their faces, and get a better understanding of where they are coming from, the needs they face, and how we help. During my 11 years […]

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Meet the Mamas: Anet

Friends, can you please pray for this mama? Anet is 33 years old and has three children. I met her in February shortly after she delivered her new baby via c-section. She works hard as a hair braider to provide for her family. Sadly, last week her husband died unexpectedly. (Her first husband died several […]

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Give mercy today.

Every $7 makes a world of difference to a mama and her baby.  Find out how you can give, pray for us, share with others, and serve with us.   Donate Now