Mercy for Mamas

New Additions!


New Additions!

20th of March 2018

We are so excited to say that we have been able to add a few new items to our mama kits! Each kit now includes two extra pairs of exam gloves and also a roll of gauze. And even better, with the current exchange rate and our delivery costs low, we don’t have to raise […]

Speedy Delivery!

7th of March 2018

Last week a horrendous fire destroyed a slum area in Jinja leaving more than 50 families homeless. People have been rallying together to help these people rebuild. One of our partners, Kathy, has been part of the recovery and rebuilding efforts. She told us that she’s been taking some mama kits with her each day […]

In Full Swing

19th of February 2018

Our February Uganda trip is in full swing. We are having a great time meeting with the different women. We did an outreach in a slum of Kampala on Saturday. We met with about 100 women and distributed about 75 mama kits. We had a great time of teaching and the women asked a lot […]

Vision Trip

18th of January 2018

When you make a donation to Mercy for Mamas, 100% of that money goes directly towards our ministry. Your donations are used solely to cover the costs of purchasing mama kits and then delivering those kits all over Uganda. We pride ourselves in keeping our overhead costs almost nil. You can rest assured that what […]

The Auction is Live!

8th of December 2017

Head on over to Facebook and check out the auction group! 140+ items! Bidding ends on Saturday night at 9pm.

Auction Time!

6th of December 2017

I hope you will join us for our annual Facebook Auction. It’s so much fun! I think we have the best selection ever this year. You will not want to miss it! Tons of handmade Ugandan crafts, gift cards, artwork, and lots of others great donations.  The auction runs from Thursday, December 7th at 8am […]

Honoring Loved Ones

29th of November 2017

Meet the Pittmans and learn why they choose to give to Mercy for Mamas each month. ” Our family first became aware of the beauty of, and the hardships faced by, the people of Uganda in 2003. Since then, I have had the opportunity to visit The Pearl of Africa, become the mother of three […]

Saving Lives

17th of November 2017

“The reason we give to Mercy for Mamas on a monthly basis is because we 100% believe in what they are doing. A $7 kit can literally mean life or death in the lives of these women and babies. As someone who has adopted a son from Uganda whose mom died during childbirth, I always […]

Simple Way to have a Big Impact

13th of November 2017

“As a labor doula, I believe childbirth is a natural and beautiful event. However, without proper care it can be risky and dangerous. I was shocked to learn that the women of Uganda are required to provide their own birthing supplies in order to deliver at a local hospital or clinic with professional care. I […]

Be A Monthly Donor

9th of November 2017

Did you know you can sign-up to be a monthly donor to Mercy for Mamas? Here are some reasons why this is a great option: You can sign-up to be a monthly donor for any $$ amount. You can provide one mama kit a month ($7) or you can provide 10 (or more!) of them. […]