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Vision Trip

When you make a donation to Mercy for Mamas, 100% of that money goes directly towards our ministry. Your donations are used solely to cover the costs of purchasing mama kits and then delivering those kits all over Uganda. We pride ourselves in keeping our overhead costs almost nil. You can rest assured that what you donate is directly making a difference in the lives of women in Uganda.

2017 Mission Team

While we do not use any donated funds for administration costs, those costs still exist. Travel expenses are one area that remains a need. Our director, Melissa, has primarily self-funded her trips to Uganda and supplemented with personal fundraising. For our team trips, she spends hours of time planning and organizing all of the logistics for the trip. She does all of this with no compensation.  These team trips are a vital way to minister to large groups of women through our outreach events, provide education and check-ups for pregnant women, and encourage our partners and their work. A team trip is in the works for the summer of 2018.

Melissa and our ministry partner, Isabelle

Next month, Melissa is taking a vision trip with one other person. They’ll be scouting out new partnerships, reconnect with current partners to evaluate the work,  hosting outreaches, and also doing in-depth interviews with women to better understand the impact and scope of our work.  This work is so critical, but there is often not time or the capacity to take care of these items during the large team trips. We always want to make sure we are reaching, educating and supporting the women of Uganda in the most effective and beneficial ways.

These types of trips are necessary for us to continue our work and to do it well. We don’t ever want to take away from our regular mama kits donations. We’ve committed to not using general donations for these overhead and administrative expenses. However, we also don’t want to create a burden for Melissa or hinder our ability to serve.

We are asking for your help. If you believe in the work that we do, would you consider giving towards Melissa’s trip next month? A donation in any amount will truly help. Your support will enable us to move forward with the vision we have for Mercy for Mamas. We would love for you to partner with us so we can see ALL the Lord has in store for Mercy for Mamas. Thank you!

~Mercy for Mamas Board of Directors

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