Mercy for Mamas

A Note of Appreciation

As I work today on the plans for my next trip to Uganda, I received this note via email.  It blesses my heart to hear the impact of mama kits in this one community.  This is the motivation I meed to do this work.

“This email serves to convey the appreciation from the mothers and fathers in Uganda for the tremendous contributions you are offering towards the pregnant women in the country and in particular, my area of jurisdiction ‘Buweekula Constituency in Mubende District’.

We have been strongly in touch with Harriet, who has been promoting your
scheme in the area.  To be honest, the mortality rate on the side of mothers giving birth has seriously reduced as the result of your positive initiative.

The community is so much interested to know the good samaritans behind this
project and we hope that, by the time you come to Uganda, we shall be so much
obliged to host you in the area and you witness the joy around these people.”

God Blessings.
Hon. Tonny Ssemmuli”

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