Mercy for Mamas

Challenge to Churches

Many churches give a small token gift to all of the mothers in the congregation for Mother’s Day.  But what if instead of a small gift for you your church decided to give a gift of hope to mothers in Uganda?  Last year several churches decided to do just that.

From Pastor Nathan Gunter of First Southern Baptist Church of Lansing…

“Last year we wanted to do something special in our church for Mother’s Day. So in place of the usual $2 mother’s appreciation gift, we made a donation to Mercy for Mamas, shared the Mercy for Mamas video and explained how a small gift could change the life of a mother and child in Uganda.  Our small congregation was so excited about the idea that they gave even more money to the cause after the service.  In one day we raised enough to buy more than 140 kits! We love seeing God’s love displayed through this ministry and will be partnering with their work in Uganda for years to come.”

Another church used Mercy for Mamas as a Mother’s Day project and has continued to find other ways to give.

From Debbie Rhoades of Cornerstone Baptist Church…

“Mercy for Mamas is a ministry that our church, Cornerstone Baptist Church
in Winchester, IL, has been involved in for several years.  Our congregation has embraced this ministry to the women of Uganda in several ways:

For Mother’s Day instead of giving a small token gift to the women of the
congregation we have shared a DVD about this ministry and then the church
has made a donation to Mercy for Mamas in honor of the women of the church.  We have also taken donations from members who also wanted to contribute individually to this ministry.

We have had several mothers-to-be who have opted at their baby showers to
have people donate to Mercy for Mamas instead of purchasing shower gifts.  We have celebrated the upcoming birth by providing Mama kits for the women of Uganda and helping to insure a safe birth for both mother and child. We have also had people who have chosen to give the gift of Mama kits in honor of friends and loved ones for birthdays, Christmas gifts and other celebrations.

Mercy for Mamas is a ministry that Cornerstone will be involved in for many
years to come.  It is a simple and inexpensive way to help impact the
lives of the beautiful women and children of Uganda.  We would like to
encourage other churches and individuals to join us as well.”

Would your church be willing to join us?  We’d be happy to send you a copy of the DVD, brochures, and cards to hand the women in your church.  Let’s use this year’s Mother’s Day to make a huge impact for expectant mothers in Uganda.  What better gift can you give a mama than hope?

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