Mercy for Mamas

From the Frontlines

Here is another great story of the mama kits in action.  This is from a rural health clinic operating with virtually no supplies.  This is their report of the first mama kit they used.

“Harriet, age 20, having given birth to her first born: a baby boy, 2.8kgs. (6.1 pounds)Thank God:

-for protecting her through the process of delivery.

-for supporting her through your ministry. she was very happy to receive and use the mama kit. She was also happy to hear about the love of Jesus and was encouraged esp. considering that she had a very difficult delivery, giving birth to a very asphyxiated baby and her self convulsing while pushing her baby. I was encouraged to see her husband kneel down and pray to God during this time. Harriet is the very first mother to receive a mama kit in our health center and we are also happy because we have something to help our mothers with.

Above all, I am not just happy, but very much excited to share the love of God in Jesus Christ, that through him we now have hope for eternal life; Its my pleasure to continue sharing this good news to & with all my patients.”

That my friends, is why we do what we do.

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