Mercy for Mamas

What if…

 what if a simple gift could help to prevent a child from becoming an orphan?
what if this gift could save the life of a precious mother?
what if this gift could encourage women to seek medical treatment
who otherwise would not?
what if this gift could prevent infection?
what if this gift could give a woman hope?
what if this gift was a huge financial blessing to this woman and her family?
what if this gift opened the door for women to learn about the
One who offers all love, peace and joy?
what if you could do all of these thing for just $7?
for $7 you can give hope and show mercy.
for $7 you can help to save a woman’s life.
give mercy today.
{Give today by clicking on The Hope Venture link on the upper right side of this page. If you’d like to give a mama kit in honor of someone you love, we’ll send you a special card to give them explaining your gift.  All donations are tax-deductible}

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