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The Bond of Motherhood


The Bond of Motherhood

23rd of April 2016

      My daughter shared with me a couple of months ago about when they learned about reproduction in her high school biology class. She said when going over the female anatomy the teacher said, “Isn’t it amazing to think that each and every one of us once grew inside a uterus?” One boy (probably […]

Honor Your Mother (or any mother you know!)

21st of April 2016

Below is something I (Melissa) wrote three years ago, but as I read it this morning with tears in my eyes, I realized how relevant is still is to us. I thought I would share it with you again. “Nearly four years ago, a beautiful Ugandan woman gave birth to a baby girl.  What should […]

Giving Hope to Young Mothers

6th of April 2016

Mercy for Mamas partners with several crisis pregnancy centers throughout Uganda. Some of these centers are residential facilities. Others are drop-in community centers. The Comforter’s Center is a drop-in facility outside a large slum in Kampala. This center does amazing work and has done so for many, many years. We’ve partnered with them now for five years […]

Great New Merchandise!

2nd of April 2016

Rock some amazing Mercy for Mamas merchandise and help our mission team get to Uganda this summer! We are taking orders for t-shirts and tumblers. T-shirts are unisex, preshrunk, and available in sport gray and sapphire blue. Both colors are available in Adult Small-Adult XXXL ($2 extra for XXL and XXXL). We will do kids’ […]

Success Story!

21st of March 2016

Meet Amina. Amina just graduated from cosmetology school. This young mother came to our partner, Wakisa Ministries, after first trying to get an abortion. When she went to the hospital for the abortion, the doctor directed her to first go to Wakisa and talk with the counselors. There she learned they would help support her […]

Perfect Timing and One Strong Mama

3rd of March 2016

This story is one that beautifully illustrates God’s perfect timing andprovision and the strength of Ugandan women. This precious mama delivered her baby rather unexpectedly while attending a bible school run by one of our ministry partners. Mama and Baby a few weeks after he was born She had been in classes all day sitting on a wooden bench. It was the […]

Need vs. Want

15th of January 2016

Below is the testimony of one of the members of our November mission team, Jodi. Jodi is a doula and a mother of five. She was a huge asset to our team and her sweet spirit was a blessing to everyone.      “While we were in the Labori village, we were amazed at the amount of women who had come, and we quickly realized we did not bring enoughmama […]

Mission Accomplished!

3rd of December 2015

The Mercy for Mamas 2015 Mission Team returned last week from a great trip to Uganda. We had 7 ladies on the team from all over the country. Most everyone did not know each other beforehand, but God beautifully composed the team. The team worked so well together, and each lady found her niche. The […]


14th of September 2015

If you have spent much time with me in the last five years, you know that I can talk for hours about the amazing women we serve in Uganda. I can tell story after story of their strength and resilience.  I could explain to you the hardships they endure and the complex reasons why it […]

Four Reasons You Should Give Mercy this Mother’s Day

24th of April 2015

The following was written by Mercy for Mamas board member, Kim Gunter. Kim has been a huge supporter of our work from the beginning. Her help, insight, and passion is a huge asset to us.  Kim wanted to share with all of you four reasons that she thinks all of you should give mercy in […]