Mercy for Mamas

Need vs. Want

Below is the testimony of one of the members of our November mission team, Jodi. Jodi is a doula and a mother of five. She was a huge asset to our team and her sweet spirit was a blessing to everyone.
     “While we were in the Labori village, we were amazed at the amount of women who had come, and we quickly realized we did not bring enoughmama kits with us. While all the women would get one another day if they didn’t receive one that day, we had to focus on the most pregnant momsto hand them out to that day. During this process a woman who was clearly early in her pregnancy continually begged me to hand her a kit even though she was not one of the women who was supposed to receive one. The desperation in her eyes and on her face broke my heart. I knewmore mama kits would be coming and she would receive one later but she didn’t understand this. All she knew was that right in front of her was a women who had what could save her life, and she was going to do whatever she could to get it. As she followed me around, it opened my eyes to the desperate need for mama kits in Uganda in such a deeper way.
     These women don’t just want them because it would be nice, they want them so badly because they know it could be the only thing that allows them to actually mother the child that is inside of them. It is not a want in life, it’s a need! These mama kits matter. These kits offer hope for life. Ultimately though, these kits offer an opportunity to share with them that not only can we help them get what they need to live here on the earth but that we can help them come to know the ONE who will give themtrue hope and life eternally in heaven. What an avenue to share the gospel! It was one of the best tools I have ever had the opportunity to use to share the love and peace of Jesus Christ with people.

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