Mercy for Mamas

Giving Hope to Young Mothers

Mercy for Mamas partners with several crisis pregnancy centers throughout Uganda. Some of these centers are residential facilities. Others are drop-in community centers. The Comforter’s Center is a drop-in facility outside a large slum in Kampala. This center does amazing work and has done so for many, many years. We’ve partnered with them now for five years and we supply about 300 mama kits to them each year. They sent me a couple of testimonies today to share with you.

 One young mother Hellen shared, “When I talked to my boyfriend he told me that the pregnancy was not his since we had just met few months. I became desperate and confused of what to do. In fact after he denied the pregnancy, I thought of having an abortion as life was so hard for me. But thank God, this did not happen. When I visited the center, I was counseled and encouraged to choose life for my baby. A few weeks to my expected date of delivery, I went back to the center and I was given a mama kit and most of all, they shared a prayer with me which gave me courage and strength to deliver well.” Hellen now is a proud mother to a beautiful boy named Jeremy.

Meet Edivinah. Edvinah shared, “At that time, I and my boyfriend were going through a financial crisis and had no money to buy baby requirements and most of all the mama kit. I was worried how I was going to deliver without a mama kit. The financial situation we were going through caused worry and fear within me. I thought that I would not be able to deliver my baby. The counselor encouraged me through sharing the word of God with me and through several visits, I became very strong. I visited the center again and I was given a mama kit.  On 21stJan 2016, I delivered a bouncing baby boy whom we named Andrew. I give glory to God and thank the center for the great support.”

These young mothers faced great fear during their pregnancies They were scared and needed hope that they and their children would be okay. They found that hope through the work of The Comforter’s Center. This center offers great spiritual counseling as well as classes on parenting, health and vocational skills. Many women from the slum come to this center because they know they will find kind people willing to help. They also come because they know they can get a mama kit. By providing the mama kits to this center, we help to show mercy and give access to better healthcare to these mothers.  Every $7 gift to Mercy for Mamas represents a beautiful young mother and child like the ones you see here.

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