Mercy for Mamas

Mission Accomplished!

The Mercy for Mamas 2015 Mission Team returned last week from a great trip to Uganda. We had 7 ladies on the team from all over the country. Most everyone did not know each other beforehand, but God beautifully composed the team. The team worked so well together, and each lady found her niche.

The stats from the trip:
+5 outreach events held
+3 pregnancy or crisis centers visited
+2 churches visited
+3 missionary encouragement events
+140 missionary women attended events
+1300 mama kits distributed
+1600+ women and children ministered to
+ Countless miles on the road
= A Hugely Successful Trip
Thank you so much for your generosity that made this possible. You gave money to buy the mama kits, you bought merchandise to pay for the outreach events, and because of your giving we were able to help hundreds and hundreds of women.
The team did lots of prenatal, breastfeeding, delivery, and nutrition teaching. We did basic exams and check-ups on pregnant women. We shared pregnancy and labor massage techniques. We prayed over hundreds of women one-on-one and as a group. We shared the gospel every we went. We worshiped with and encourage missionary women serving full-time in Uganda.  We made crafts with pregnant teenage girls. We shared laughs, hugs, and play time with lots of children and babies. Each day was full of new challenges, surprises, and blessings.
Stay tuned for more stories from the trip in the days ahead! Here are just a few pictures of the many women we were able to meet along the way.

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