Mercy for Mamas

Perfect Timing and One Strong Mama

This story is one that beautifully illustrates God’s perfect timing andprovision and the strength of Ugandan women. This precious mama delivered her baby rather unexpectedly while attending a bible school run by one of our ministry partners.
Mama and Baby a few weeks after he was born
She had been in classes all day sitting on a wooden bench. It was the day before graduation, and I am sure she was determined to finish her classes well. The teachers did not know she was in labor. Finally she got up and they realized that she was very close to having the baby. Here is where God’s provision becomes so evident. Thankfully, there was a Ugandan midwife also in the class. And even better there were two trained midwives on the ministry team at the school. She had three midwives ready to help her! We regularly supply mama kits to this ministry, but they were running low on them. But, God again provided and they found a mama kitto use.
The sweet baby boy was delivered right there at the compound a short while later. Then this beautiful and strong mama got to participate in her bible school graduation the very next day! 
Mama and Baby along with the midwives that helped her to deliver
Every $7 you give represents a woman and child just like the ones pictured here. These women are so grateful for your help. Your donations trulymake a difference.  Friends, the needs are real. It seems every day Mercy for Mamas gets more and more requests for mama kits. The need is so big. We currently cannot keep up with the demand. It breaks my heart to ever have to tell someone that we cannot supply them with the kits they so desperately need. Would you please consider a donation today? What is $7 to most of us? That’s a drink and muffin at Starbucks or a meal deal at your favorite fast-food chain. But your simple gift can literally help save the life of a mama and her baby. You can make it a one-time gift or you can sign-up to give $7 (or any other amount) every month. 
The lesson this past week at my bible study was about justice and mercy. Of course running an organization called Mercy for Mamas and having a daughter named Mercy, I was very interested in all of the discussion about what mercy is and how that plays out in our daily lives. One thing our leader said has really stuck with me this week. She said,”Receiving God’s mercy obligates us to show mercy to others.” It’s a simple statement, but with huge ramifications for our daily lives. We need to be living lives of love, forgiveness and compassion for others because of the great love and mercy Christ has shown us. This week give mercy by providing a mama kit for someone else. You could be the tool God uses to show off his provision and love to a woman in Uganda. Give mercy.

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