Mercy for Mamas

A Year of Blessings

On this last day of 2014, it seems only fitting to look back on all of the work God has done. It has certainly been a year filled with many blessings.  Through your contributions, we’ve been able to supply more than 6,800 mama kits to women in Uganda this year. We expanded our efforts into new parts of the country,ventured into more remote areas, and have developed some great new partnerships.

We’ve heard story upon story of women who have been blessed through the gifts of a mama kit, prenatal education, and ultimately a gift of hope through Jesus Christ. Our ministry partners have been able to counsel and train up young teenage mothers, help heal the wounds of women pregnant through abuse and rape, provided job training for single moms trying to provide for their children, and offer medical care to women would not get it otherwise. I love that we can partner with them in these efforts. Your donations help them forge new relationships and give them valuable ministry tools.

In the past year, we’ve been able to host numerous health education seminars giving women valuable information on how to keep themselves and their babies healthy. I’ve watched as women learned for the first time what exactly is happening in their bodies during pregnancy. I’ve seen the relief on their faces when they learned new ways to ease pregnancy and labor pains. We’ve been able to assess possible complications and insure those women get needed medical help. We’ve taught women the important signs of an emergency during pregnancy and labor. We’ve sent up prayers for hundreds of women… prayers for hope, forgiveness, provision and salvation.

Your purchases of t-shirts, tumblers, jewelry and crafts have given us the funds to buy mama kits, host outreach events, pay for prenatal education, buy necessary medical supplies and offer support in special situations like the birth of the conjoined twins.

In the grand scheme of things, 6,800 mama kits is merely a drop in the bucket considering the need.  Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the need and the numbers, but then I start to think of each kit and the woman it represents. Your donations helped Esther, Sarah, and Isabelle. Your donations gave Esseza, Mary, and Fatima a chance for medical care. Sometimes as we sit in our homes in the US, it is easy to forget the impact you are having on the lives of the women on the other side of the world.  But friends, I can tell you I have met them. I have seen their sweet smiles. I have hugged their necks. I have prayed with them, wept with them, and heard their shouts of joy. On behalf of these precious women I say thank you to you for your donations and thank you to God who is our ultimate provider and source of life.

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