Mercy for Mamas

Expanding our Work

I am so excited to get to visit some of our new partners in ministry during my upcoming Uganda trip! (I’ll be there for about a month for our adoption).

One of our new partners is Life Center Ministries Africa, which operates a hospital and nutrition program in a remote area of Eastern Uganda. The missionaries working there told me that they were struggling because most all of the women who came to the hospital did not have their supplies for delivery and had not received much prenatal care. We provided mama kits for them and now they pass out the kits to the women free of charge after they come for at least three prenatal visits.

“Moms out here don’t usually come for antenatal (prenatal care) until they are 6-7 months along so to be able to get 3 or 4 visits in before delivery is awesome! We are thankful to Mercy for Mamas for the kits that have increased our antenatal visits from 5-10 a week to 30-40 a week! Thank you for your heart for healthy mamas and babies!!, ” Katrenna, LCMA Missionary.

These precious women just received theirs kits and will deliver their babies very soon!

One of our other new partners is Pastor Fred and Jesus the Way Ministries. Pastor Fred is so excited to get to be a part of our work. I can’t wait to see firsthand the work they are doing and meet these women. The women in this area have a very hard time getting proper medical care, so these kits are very important to them and help to keep their births sanitary and free from infection.

This sweet little one was born just 6 hours after her mama received her kit!
This mama got her kit the night before she delivered. Her and baby are doing well.
These women all received their kits at a health outreach at their church.

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