Mercy for Mamas

Uganda is Calling

In about 24 hours I will once again be on my way to Uganda.  I cannot wait to get back on that beloved red dirt.  I’ve had several people tell me that after all we went through with our adoption, they cannot believe that I would be so excited to get back.  I can’t help it.  Somehow Uganda got under my skin (and fingernails!) and I love it.

Frantic last minute preparations are underway.  Packing is in full force.  List-making is out of control as I organize everything for the trip and for my family at home.  But I have a smile on my face doing it all.  I can’t wait to hug the necks of the people in Uganda that I love. I am anxious to see Uganda through the eyes of those going for the first time. I’m looking forward to the new relationships and partnerships that will form.  I’m excited to pass out more than 1200 mama kits!  That is a lot of mamas!!!

I’m thrilled to be able to encourage and minister to 100 missionary women.  We are hosting two missionary appreciation dinners for women serving in Uganda.  I knew when God gave me this idea that it was going to be fantastic.  The RSVP’s from all of the women confirm my thoughts.  These women need encouragement and fellowship.  One woman said she read the invitation and felt like she was taking a deep breath just in reading it.  Another said that in 4 years of service, no one had done anything like this for them.  I’m excited to give each of these missionary women mama kits to pass out to women they meet.  What a great ministry tool and way to bless others.

Seriously, look at this smile.
I can’t wait to bless Mama Florence with more mama kits and get to hear more of the stories of the women of her village.

We have lots of great things planned.  Too much for me to tell you about now.  But I promise to do my best to update you all while in Uganda.  If not while there, I promise to come home with lots of great strories. [Also, make sure you “like” the Mercy for Mamas Facebook page.  Sometimes it might be easier for me to post updates there.]

We covet your prayers for our team.  There are 11 of us going and we are leaving from 6 locations. Pray for our travels and the logistics of it all.  Pray for our health and safety.  Pray for great ministry opportunities.  Pray for the women and children we will encounter.  Pray for us to be open and willing to do whatever God calls us to do.

And we’re off…

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