Mercy for Mamas

Story from the Frontlines

I wanted to share with you just one of the recent stories I received from a missionary serving in Uganda.  This woman works with women living in the slums of Kampala
“I was out in the community with my organization, we were leaving after a morning of connecting with many lovely mamas and their precious little ones.  We saw a young woman lying on the ground with a group of woman yelling at each other.  When I looked a little closer she had given birth in the mud and slurry between two mud huts.  It was a bit of a shock for the mama, she was hemorrhaging post birth and she was too embarrassed to get help, as she was HIV+. We were able to help her and take her to a nearby medical centre for treatment.  Baby and mama are now doing well.  When I got home I saw your invite on Facebook and it felt like a God appointment. ”
That morning in the slum this missionary saw firsthand the need for mama kits and how vulnerable some of these woman are during delivery.  The invite she had received was to our Night of Encouragement.  She was able to attend and that night she received several mama kits to pass out in her work.  She gave two of them away immediately.  We are now working to get her more to use in the five different neighborhoods that her ministry works with.

The best news of all– the mama mentioned in the story above is now attending their weekly bible study classes.  She gave her life to Christ last Monday.  That my friends is what this is all about.

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