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Giving Tuesday

Today is Giving Tuesday.  I’ll be honest, until yesterday I didn’t know this day existed.  I noticed the  hashtag on several posts online, so I looked it up.  I love the idea of taking a day to focus on giving in the midst of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday.  Of course, I think Giving Tuesday should maybe come before all of the ridiculous shopping, but I’ll go with it.

Whether it’s Tuesday or any other day, I’d encourage you to find a way to give back this Christmas. I know there are a ton of fabulous charities vying for your donations this time of year.  I urge you to check them out and find the best fit for your dollars, whether that be Mercy for Mamas or another organization.

I feel like I say it all of the time, but this simple $7 gift can make a huge impact to one woman and her child.  I won’t claim to be the solution to the orphan crisis, but I’d love to be a small part of that solution.  Let’s help more mamas live to raise their children.  Let’s connect women with the resources to help them have a safe, clean birth.  Let’s put them in contact with a Savior who can give them eternal hope and peace.

Just this morning, I received a thank you note from a Pastor in Kenya.  I love that while we are not equipped at this time to do work in other countries, our kits are still finding their way there and making an impact.  Here is part of his note:

I am a pastor and a student at Uganda Baptist Seminary.  My wife was pregnant and I received (from the seminary) things that really helped her during the delivery (mama kit).  It was a surprise not only to us as a family, but to the nurses at the hospital who attended to her during delivery.  It had everything they required. We are very grateful for what you did for us and are doing for God’s people.

Yours Faithfully,

Pastor Thomas

Let’s give hope and mercy this Christmas!  You can make a donation for mama kits (I’ll even email you a card to give your loved one) or you can also check out our “shop” page and buy great handmade gifts that give women in Uganda jobs and also the money goes back directly to support our work.

P.S.  When you click the “donate” link on the top right of this page, it will take you to The Hope Venture’s donation page.  Not only do they sponsor our mama kits, but they have great projects in India and Africa.  You can buy blankets, clothes, school supplies, and even a goat for a family!  Check it out!

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