Mercy for Mamas

Diaper Donations!

Guess what? Your generous donations this summer allowed us to provide cloth diaper sets to 250 Ugandan mamas. These women were so excited to get these diapers. It may seem like a simple thing to you, but this relieves a huge burden for these women and helps to keep their babies healthy.Disposable diapers are expensive for anyone, but in Uganda the cost is overwhelming for most people. Also, there are very few places to dispose of them. All too often these babies go without any diapers, which can lead to infection and sickness. It also creates way too much laundry for the mamas.

These diaper sets include a reusable cover and then cloth inserts that can be easily changed out. They are made of a quick drying fabric that cuts down on laundry time. This saves money, time, and the environment.

The diaper sets are made by Kijani Baby, which is a company based in Kampala, Uganda.  I love supporting another venture that is helping the Ugandan economy and also creating jobs for Ugandan women. Kijani customized these diapers just for us, which makes them extra special.

We’d love to be able to pass out more diapers! We, of course, always want to focus our efforts on providing safe childbirth for women, but we think this is a great secondary project to support. Each set costs just $5.50! I get so excited when I think of the impact of this simple gift. As a busy mama who often feels that I am drowning in laundry, I get a smile on my face, when I think about how much time and energy this little gift could save a fellow mama. That is definitely worth $5.50!

To donate diapers, just go to “Diaper Donation” under the yellow “Support Us” tab above or click here.


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