Mercy for Mamas

Busy Weekend!

It was a busy weekend as many people chose to highlight Mercy for Mamas this past Mother’s Day weekend.

First of all, on Friday, our second news story aired on KWCH.  Go here to watch or read it.  It was great, and the response to both stories has been fabulous.  We continue to get donations from people who watched the stories on TV or online.  It blows me away.

Some wonderful ladies in Austin, TX hosted a Mother’s Day tea for their friends on Friday.  They talked about their trip to Uganda last summer and then shared information about Mercy for Mamas.  They collected enough money for 40 mama kits! Way to go Sara and Stephanie!!

On Saturday, I spoke at Northridge Friends Church.  My sweet friends Beth, Tina, and Melissa hosted a great event with some unbelievable sweets.  Yummy!!  We raised enough money for 75 mama kits!

What does it say about me that I only took pictures of the food?
These things were heavenly!!

Then on Sunday, two churches gave Mercy for Mamas donations in honor of all of the mothers in their congregation.  They shared our video with everyone.  Not only did the churches give donations, but afterwards they collected money for at least 115 more mama kits!!

A simple thank you cannot convey my emotions to you, but I am so grateful for each of you and your love and support.  Thank you on behalf of the mothers of Uganda.  Thank you on behalf of their children.  You are a blessing and together we are going to do great things!

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