Mercy for Mamas

Updated List of Merchandise

I just wanted to give you an updated list on our Mercy for Mamas Merchandise.  A huge thank you to everyone who has shopped to help our cause.  Your support has helped us tremendously.  We nearly have all of the money needed to start the process to obtain our non-profit status.  And the money from our t-shirt sales helped fund our ministry projects during our trip.  We fed mass amounts of people at churches and in the village. We gave the women gifts of sugar, soap, and tea.   We also hosted dinners for more than 100 missionary ladies.  All of that was possible because of your generosity.

Email all orders to me at

Buy a t-shirt!  Each shirt is just $15.   In the unisex fit we have small, medium, and large.  In the ladies’ fit (not a super tight ladies’ fit, but more tapered with shorter sleeves) we have small, medium, large, and x-large.  If you need a different size or would be interested in children’s sizes please let me know as we will be placing another order in the future.

Part of the Merce for Mamas team rocking our shirts!

We also have handmade Ugandan bracelets.  Each bracelet comes with a “mercy for mamas” charm.  All bracelets are $15 and include shipping.

Paper Bead Coil Bracelets
#1 Green/Burgundy/Red/Magenta
#2 Green/Burgundy/Blue
#3 Red/Orange smaller beads.
#4 white or light violet in color
#5 white (light violet color) and burgundy
#6 purple based multi-colored
#7 pink based multi-colored  SOLD OUT!
#8 magenta
#9 Burgundy (a bit darker than it photographed)

Handbeaded Cuff Bracelets

#10 Light blue Cuff
#11 Hunter Green Cuff
#12 Lime Green Cuff
#13 Red Cuff
We have more merchandise coming very soon! I bought a few things while in Uganda and some others are in the works and hopefully will be here soon. So we must clear out our present inventory, so get busy shopping!

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