Mercy for Mamas

Unexpected Blessing

We received a great testimony this week from one of our ministry partners. The team at Hope for Women in Crisis had quite an exciting night earlier this week.  One of the teenage mothers, Brenda, thought her pregnancy was full-term, but they took her for an ultrasound last week and they told her she was only 7 months along.  A few days later around midnight Brenda started having a lot of pain. They thought it was labor pains, so they loaded her up and took her to the local hospital. At the hospital, they examined her and told her it was not labor, but an infection. They also did another ultrasound and again said she was just 7 months along. They said they were out of hospital beds, so they gave her some medicine and sent her home.

Once they returned home, Brenda was still in a lot of pain. The mother of the Director of the Home thought something was not right and decided to check her again. She said that Brenda was definitely in labor and that they should take her back to the hospital. Before they could even pack up to leave again, the baby was coming. They opened up her mama kit, and around 2:30 this sweet baby boy arrived.

They called a nurse friend to come over to help with the afterbirth. The nurse started Brenda on an IV, delivered the placenta, and cleaned her up. Around 4:30am, they headed back to the hospital where Brenda had to get a stitch, the baby went in the warmer for a bit and got checked out. Baby weighed about 5 pounds at birth. Mom and Baby went home around noon that day!

Now that was an exciting and eventful 12 hours!  The director of the home said, “Thank you Mercy For Mama ministry for our Mama Kits. We had what we needed for the baby and mama to be safe during this emergency .”

We are so glad that we could help Brenda to have a safe delivery!

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