Mercy for Mamas

Thoughts from the Trip

Karla Buss, from our recent mission team, pictured here demonstrating some labor pain relief tips, shares about her experience. “When you are in Uganda and take a look at your surroundings there is much poverty,

hunger,medical/physical/emotional needs, and it is there out in the open for everyone to see. However, what one may not see if one does not take the time to look past the need and see the people is this…. true faith and love.

Many people, despite their circumstances, show such a faith in God and love for God and to express that joy to other people like myself..a true JOY! I do not recall a time in my life that I literally had nothing but dirt to place in my hand…yet there are many like this and they expressed such true joy in what we offered and thanksgiving to God, that I was floored.”

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