Mercy for Mamas

The Work Continues

The past month has been a busy one for Mercy for Mamas.   I had the chance to share about Mercy for Mamas with several different groups.  I spoke to a mom’s group in Wichita, two places in Mississippi, and then tonight I got to share with a group of ladies’ from a local church.  I love getting to share my heart and I love seeing people get excited about the work we are doing.

You need to click here and read my friend, Kathryn’s latest blog post.  Kathryn is a missionary in Northern Uganda.  She was sort of my missionary guinea pig with mama kits.  I gave her several kits and told her to pass them out however she saw fit.  She quickly saw how important they were to the women and what a great opportunity this was for her to deepen her relationships.  It is so awesome to see the kits turn into a ministry tool for her and other missionaries.  This blog post also paints a great picture of the realities of childbirth in Uganda.  It is not an easy thing.  Many more women, like Pasca, need our help.

Pasca and her mama kit

One thing I love about this work is that it is very simple. $7 = 1 mama kit = 1 mama gets a clean, safe birth. People from every stage of life can give and make an impact. $7 or $700 you can make a difference…. you are making a difference.

Just today I got this thank you note:

Dear Melissa,
The major cause of maternal mortality in Uganda is women not being delivered by skilled attendants and a significant proportion of that is being tackled now with the Mama Kit. Women who would have complications from delivery at home are now able to get care at the clinic. Thank you very much for donation of Mama Kits to the Comforter’s Center,Uganda.
 Standing for life in Uganda,
Veronica, Director of Comforter’s Center, Uganda.
One of the women from Comforter Center receiving her kit

Here are a few Mercy for Mamas prayer requests:
  • Pray today for women in labor in Uganda, for clean, safe deliveries.
  • Pray for wisdom as we seek out more places to distribute mama kits.
  • Pray for our mission trip this September as we start to finalize our plans.
  • Pray for Mercy for Mamas as we seek to get our own non-profit status.
God is doing some great work.  It is exciting to be a part of it and I can’t wait to see what else He has in store.

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