Mercy for Mamas

The Power of Children

A while back, a friend from college that is a pastor in Pennsylvania contacted Mercy for Mamas.  His church raises money for missions each year during Vacation Bible School.  He wanted Mercy for Mamas to be this year’s recipient.  I loved the idea.  Cody (my husband, for those of you who are new around here!) decided we need to make a “kid-friendly” video to explain to the children about the need.

I am thrilled to say that the people of Bux-Mont Baptist Church in Hatboro, PA raised enough money to buy 112 mama kits!  Way to go!  I love to hear about children that “get it” and see the power that just a few dollars can make in the lives of women and children.

Here’s one story from Pastor Jake:

“A kid is running in to VBS and looks down at the offering money her mom had just given her. She stops, turns around and runs back to catch mom before she leaves. Someone hears her say, ‘No, mom, I need two more dollars. You only gave me five and the Mama Kits are $7!’ These kids, their parents, and our church are in love with Mercy for Mamas.”

Thank you so much to Bux-Mont and Pastor Jake.

Here’s the “kid-friendly” video that Cody made.

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