Mercy for Mamas

Seeing the Need First Hand

Nikki Burks wrote about her experience on our recent trip.
“Being able to pray over the pregnant ladies and their babies was an absolute joy. Of everything we did while on the trip, that was the most meaningful to me.

Also, being able to be a part of the group that went to do home visits in the slums and pray over the people was such an honor. We met a jaja (grandmother) who was the caregiver of her grand babies because her daughter had been electrocuted while hanging up clothes outside the house. We met a mother who could no longer afford the rent in her one room house, so she was taking refuge with her children in the little church in the slum. We met a young woman who had a newborn and needed to hear the saving power of the gospel. We met another jaja who was suffering from TB but was so grateful for the rice and soap that we were able to provide her. Jumping over raw sewage and walking the dirt paths to the homes of these precious ladies was a stark reminder that yes, they desperately need our provision, but so much more, they need our prayers. As I listened to the members of the group I was with praying in their native tongue, the truth that we are all loved by the same God flooded my heart.

The work that Mercy for Mamas is doing on the ground in Uganda is necessary. It’s urgent. Every day women and babies are being lost because they lack the basic supplies to keep them alive during childbirth, but it’s so much more than Mama Kits. Daily someone dies in Uganda without knowing the saving grace and love of Jesus Christ. So if we can reach these individuals by offering them a solution to a physical earthly need and then pour into them the Living Water and Bread of Life that can sustain them eternally, we are accomplishing the Great Commission. “

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