Mercy for Mamas

Pictures of Progress

I am way behind on blogging (like always), but I’m excited to show you more pictures of our mama kits at work.  Each kit represents a woman and her sweet baby.  Each kit includes a chance to build a relationship and tell someone about the love of Christ and why we do what we do.  Each kit is a huge financial blessing to this mama.  Each kit gives hope!
1500 more kits ready for delivery!!
It took a couple of trips to unload them all in the garage.  It makes me so happy to think about all of the lives each box represents and all of the places they will go.
I love this picture.  Courtney from Afayo Project loaded up a couple of kits on her boda (pretty sure she is my hero) to give to some mamas in desperate need.  I’m so excited that we have lots more to give to Afayo soon.  I love the work they are doing.
This sweet baby was the product of a mama kit.  Precious!!
And here is another precious mama and her newborn.
This young woman picked her mama kit and baby clothes from a neighborhood crisis pregnancy center.
 In the next couple of weeks more mama kits will be distributed around Uganda.  They will be used as part of community outreach, prenatal education seminars, church events, and at medical clinics.  Please pray for the mamas and their babies.  Pray for safe pregnancies and deliveries.  Pray for peace and hope which comes only from Christ.

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