Mercy for Mamas

Pictures of Hope and Strength 

One of the missionaries I met with last month in Uganda, Kari, sent me this message:
“Melissa, we have had 3 baby girls born since Valentines Day. All with Mama Kits, 2 of which were born in the home with little to no assistance other than the kit. Thank you, thank you!!!”
One of the deliveries was a VBAC, but the mama said it was an easy delivery. (I feel like such a wimp!) The women in this village keep asking Kari to pray for them before they have their babies.  She’s been able to use this time of prayer and of passing out the mama kits to build relationships with these precious women.
 Kari got to check on one woman the day after delivering her baby.  The mama delivered at home with no medical assistance, no pain medicine.  Kari found the woman in her front yard washing clothes.  Life goes on.  Life is not easy for these women.  Food must be cooked.  Clothes must be washed.  They have more strength and determination than I can imagine.  Kari and her young daughter helped her finish washing the clothes.  What a beautiful act of service to this new mama. We are to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those around us. (You can read more about Kari’s ministry here
(The white on the babies face is powder to help with a heat rash)

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