Mercy for Mamas

Meet the Mamas: Anet

Friends, can you please pray for this mama? Anet is 33 years old and has three children. I met her in February shortly after she delivered her new baby via c-section. She works hard as a hair braider to provide for her family. Sadly, last week her husband died unexpectedly. (Her first husband died several years ago) Also, her home was demolished as it was in the path of a new railway line. This poor mother is mourning a huge loss and is also trying to provide for her family. Anet is a Christian and loves coming to the weekly Bible study in her area. Pray for God to give her peace and comfort. Pray also for their provision. My heartbreaks thinking of the amount of suffering this woman has endured at such a young age.

Update: Several friends have given to help Anet with her moving costs. Stay tuned for an update on her and her family.

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