Mercy for Mamas

Heart of Service

It still amazes me the support that Mercy for Mamas receives from so many people around the country.  Last fall my sister told me that her bible study class was looking for a ministry to support.  Each semester they collect money and donate it to a worthy cause.  She shared about Mercy for Mamas and the women gladly jumped on board and raised enough to buy about 50 mama kits.  So sweet!
Me and Phaedra at the park
Then a month or so ago my sister’s bible study leader, Phaedra, contacted me.   She was going to be in our area and wanted to get together.  So, we met at a local park for lunch and had a great time getting to know each other. Then she surprised me with another check from the bible study.  These sweet ladies raised enough for another 30 mama kits.  Thank you so much to the ladies at River Oak Church in Chesapeake, Virginia.  I’m so glad you got to deliver your check in person!

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