Mercy for Mamas

give mercy.

Can I be honest? There are days that I am not super excited about fundraising and doing logistical work for Mercy for Mamas. Sorting out airline reservations, doing spreadsheets, filing tax forms and organizing merchandise is not very exciting. I could spend that time working a real job and getting paid. I get bogged down in the mundane. Then God reminds me of my mission and passion.

I look at pictures like this one of my precious girls, and I remember my why.

With the Fearless Girl statue in New York City
I have four precious daughters. My two biological daughters did not come into this world easily. There were complications along the way, and I often wonder what would have happened if I had not had access to great doctors and hospitals. My two adopted daughters lost their first moms because they did not receive adequate medical care. The injustice of that is not lost on me. These gorgeous girls remind me why I do what I do.
I look at pictures like this one and remember the thousands of beautiful women on the other side of the world that we’ve been able to help.  I see them parenting their precious little ones and I remember my why.
I think about this sweet baby I got to hold just hours after he was born in a remote village using one of our mama kits. He is my why.
I know you have not had the same experiences as me, but I hope I can help you see and understand the need and the reality these women face every day.  Women should not have to choose between feeding their family and buying gloves and a razor blade to give birth. Women should not die giving birth because they could not afford a simple $7 mama kit.
It is a sad and dark reality that hundreds of women in our world die every day giving birth and that the majority of those deaths could be easily prevented. But the good news is that we have a simple solution. It will not save every woman, but it is making a difference. In the last 6 years, thousands of women have been given the chance for safer birth through the work of Mercy for Mamas. They have received the necessary supplies (mama kit), they have learned important warning signs in pregnancy and when to seek medical help, and they have successfully delivered their babies.  On top of the medical care, these women have heard about the love of Jesus and his great mercy and peace for us.
This Mother’s Day season, I encourage you to give mercy. Here are a couple ways you can give:
  • What if you prayed for God to lay on your heart the names of a few special women in your life you could honor and encourage? This could be your own mother, a friend, a mentor, whomever. You could donate a mama kit(s) (they are just $7 each) in honor of your special person. Write them a personal note explaining why you choose them. I know this lady would be so honored that you thought of them and that you chose to help a mother in Uganda in their name.
  • You can also give toward our diaper project. Every $5.50 provides a mama with a cloth diaper set for her little one. This can help to prevent sickness and infection and saves the mother time and money. These are such a blessing to each mama. Thank your mama for changing all of your diapers, by buying diapers for another mama.

Go to the “Support Us” tab up above on our website.  To give for mama kits, just go to “donate”. To give toward the diaper project, look for the “diaper donation” option. We’ll give you a card that you can give them explaining your gift.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mamas!

(this post was originally published in May 2017)

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