Mercy for Mamas

The Fun Part of Our Work

Can I just tell you how fun it is to open up my email or Facebook and see pictures likes these?

Missionaries and church leaders continue to use our mama kits as a great ministry tool.  They are holding prenatal education seminars, accompanying women to the doctor and giving them the supplies needed for a sterile birth.  They also continually tell these women about the faith, love, and hope that come only through Jesus.
Women in rural areas with very limited access to healthcare and medical supplies are getting the tools they need.  I got this report from a Ugandan nurse just this week…
Both home and hospital mothers have had access to Mama Kits. But mostly for the “home” mamas in the village it been good for them to have access to these items in the Mama’s Kits to allow them to have safe and clean deliveries. Because of the Mama Kits it has been possible to now have safer deliveries, beautiful and healthier babies as well as happy mothers!
Thanks to the Mama’s Kits for making it all possible!
Sweet babies, like this one, get to be raised by their mamas.

This is another report I received from a midwife that runs a maternity home and also does neighborhood outreach, which includes prenatal care.

There are many beautiful stories about the Mama kits but there is one interesting one from our community work….this precious girl,someone told us she was pregnant and did not have any help apart from a little room which belonged to a former workmate. We started visiting her weekly, encouraging her, praying with her and giving her some good info and counselling. Well, she was due but had nothing so we gave her a mama kit and some baby clothes. After a few days, we came to visit her and she had a baby….it was a home delivery and she had used our kit. She was so thankful that she had it just at the right time!!

Thank you for your generous support.  I cannot wait to see what God is going to do in 2014.

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