Mercy for Mamas

First Glimpses of the Trip

I apologize for my lack of communication while in Uganda.  My technology all decided to turn against me.  After about day 3, I finally just decided to accept the fact that the Lord obviously wanted me to unplug a little.  I quickly scanned my emails, hit “share” on a few pics and posts on Facebook, and that was about all I got accomplished.   I hate to even tell you that I seriously only took about 5 pictures while I was gone.  But no fear, the rest of the team took thousands of pictures and they promise to share (hint, hint!).

My technology continues to plot against me.  A new laptop power cord is on the way, which will help tremendously. But in the meantime, I encourage you to check out Kim Van Brunt’s blog.  Some of you read her posts while I was gone, but for those who missed them, she paints a beautiful and poignant picture of our trip.

There are so many stories to tell.  We heard powerful stories from teenagers and woman at the crisis pregnancy centers about how they got there.  Our hearts broke as we realized just how much injustice exists in this world.  We loved on hundreds of children who were longing for affection and comfort.  We hosted more than 100 missionary women at two dinners.  I cried as I looked out over them and thought of all of the ministries they represented.  They cried because they were so hungry for encouragement and community.  Women cheered as they received a simple gift of a mama kit, and my heart swelled as I met the children born using these kits.   My team grew close together and shared in each others struggles.  I love the amount of ministry that I saw taking place just amongst our team.

God is good all the time.  All the time God is good.  And our first Mercy for Mamas trip was a huge success.

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