Mercy for Mamas


I found out today that last week’s fundraising event at my church brought in more than $1,100!  A few more people donated through out the week boosting up that total.   Thank you so much to my precious church family!

Then my sister emailed me today to tell me that her bible study group collected more than $300.  They were looking for a ministry to help out and she told them all about Mercy for Mamas.  What a blessing!  Thank you Stephanie!

I am so excited about the difference this is going to make in the lives of so many precious Ugandan women. We’ll be able to buy at least 200 kits!  I can’t wait to tell them that more kits will soon be heading their way.  As soon as all of the money gets to “Love God and Love Others” we’ll be wiring it to Uganda.  My team in Uganda is set to pick them up and deliver them to three different crisis pregnancy centers.  Then they’ll have enough to give some to a church for their upcoming outreach event.

**Also, just as a note, virtually every penny given goes directly to buying mama kits.  The only other costs are money wiring fees and transportation/delivery, which is very minimal. **

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