Mercy for Mamas

A Great Launch!

Mercy for Mamas had our first fundraising and awareness event this week. It was so much fun to get to share my heart and vision with other women. And it was a blessing to have our “launch” at my church with people who’ve walked with me all through this journey. Nearly 60 women attended and we raised more than $600… that means mama kits for more than 85 women!

Sorry the pics are dark.  Gyms are not made for photos.

Perhaps my favorite part of the night was hearing other women “get it” and start brainstorming ways to spread the word about this project.  I am really excited to see what will happens in the days ahead.

Ok, my other favorite part of the night… cobbler.  It was also my favorite part the next day.  I should not be left home alone with leftover cobbler.  Oh my.

**Make sure and check out the tabs above.  Read about how you can help and make sure you watch our new promo video.  **

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